On this page you see all you need to build the imperial bunker for Warhammer 40k. You should be able to place some marines in the first and second floor.

What do you need

You need a color printer, cardboard, glue, scissors and a little time. I used the high class laser color printer in our bureau. If you only have a ink jet printer, be careful to let the ink dry.
The cardboard I used was from pizza boxes (two pizzas are needed for the bunker).

Printing the walls

You will need the floor picture and the four walls. For printing I used the MS-Office photo editor. The jpeg format includes width and height, so you don't have to scale the images. They are all made in 150 dpi.

Building it

Now glue all the parts to a piece of cardboard. At the beginning I used normal glue but you will get much better results with a spray glue. I put some big glasses on the walls while drying, so that the cardboard doesn't wrap.
Of cause you can use other material instead of cardboard. Plasti-sheets don't wrap.
Then cut out the pieces and glue them together. I would recomend that your first glue the four walls together. Then let it dry and glue the roof/floor on top of it.

I improve the whole thing a little. Before gluing anything I cut out the door and all the iron wall borders. I wanted them to be raised a little so I glued them on a seperate piece of cardbord. Then they were glue on top of the walls.
The door was assembled a little behind the wall with three seperate pieces of cardboard.

All the resources

Here are all the parts you need. Right-click on the pictures and select "save link as..".

Two walls
Two walls

How did I make it

Everything is painted with GIMP. The concrete structure is made by combining the gimp "cork board" and the "marble" patterns. Then I painted some bullet holes and other structures and used the "bump map" filter to make a structure. The metall parts are painted in a similar way. I used a self made rust pattern. The weather marks are make with the airbrush tool.