With the new edition I started a little Orcs and Goblins army. I painted the models from the box and buyed some of the nicer models. Then I buyed a huge army from a friend and now I am busy painting 200 models.
Update: Most of them are painted now!

I found a good way to paint Orcs (or oder skin tones) fast. Paint wet. If you don't let the paint get dry, the different tones run together. For this you have to worc fast (or use an extender).
The Orcs were painted this way:

  1. First a light green was applied.
  2. A darker green (like dark angles green) was then thinned down and applied carefully in all shadow regions with a thin brush. Then the model was black-lined with thinned down black (chaos black).
  3. After that I waited for the paint to dry a little bit, because I don't wanted it to be rubbed away, when I highlighted the whole model with white.

A black orc I think, I painted this model perfectly. First the whole model was undercoated black (after all it is a black orc) and then carefully highlighted to this dark skin tone. The armor was likewise hight-lighted with silver.

A black orc This is my blackorc musican. It's an older model too. I don't know for sure but I guess it is designed by Alan Perry like a lot of the other orc miniatures.
The drum was painted wet in wet with brown and "Bleached Bone".

A regiment of the orc archers The models displayed here are the old savage orcs from Alan Perry. You see the old savage orc musican and standart bearer. My old orc army book states an ordering number of 075250 for the command group and 075200 for the rest.

A regiment of the orc archers This is my orc archer regiments. The models are from the 7th edition starter box. All have bowstrings made of thin wool. The base is made of painted sand with static grass. The longer grass is made out of a unraveled thick rope. The rope is approximately 50 m long which should be enough for 500 models or 0.3 m2.

Nightgoblins These goblins (except the shamane on the right) are from the GW night goblin regiment box. The box includes a mushroom and an extra arrow as bonus.

Netter This is another older model. The old goblin netter.

Goblin fanatics These fanatics are high on mushrooms.
The models are from Harlequin Miniatures and have the number 0277.

A river troll This is one of the best older GW miniatures. The river troll. Just look at the many funny details. He is holding a fish in one hand and a weapon made of bones in the other. He has a scaly skin like some fish and the hair is looking like weed.
I did paint the whole model with a pale green and then did shading with smaragd green and black.
After that the skin was carefully highlighted with white.
The scales were painted light blue, shaded with dark blue and highlighted with white and silver.
A river troll