lords: 25%(615) heroes: 21%(520) core: 32%(812) special: 14%(328) rare: 9%(225) total: 2500 points


615 points

Mog, Ghoul King

Level 1 Mage, Poison, Regenration, Vampiric, Terrorgheist, Sword of Strife, Talisman of Protection, Quick Blood, Aura of Dark Majesty, Fear Incarnate
235 points

Nago der Schwarze, Necromancer

Corpse Chart, Level 2, Master of the Death, Dispel Scroll
125 points

Wight King

Heavy Armour, Killing Blow, Battle Standard Bearer, Banner of Swiftness
95 points


Scream of the Banshee, Causes Terror, Ethereal
65 points


410 points

40x Crypt Ghouls

Poison, Crypt Ghast
210 points

20x Crypt Ghouls

Poison, Crypt Ghast
122 points

14x Dire Wolves

Slavering Charge, Undead, Vanguard, Doom Wolf
90 points

2x Spirit Host

238 points

6x Crypt Horrors

Poison, Regenerations (5+), Crypt Haunter
70 points

2x Bat Swarm

Swarm, Flyer
225 points


Death Shriek, Fly, Large Target, Regenerate (6+), Terror, Undead

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