lords: 25%(498) heroes: 20%(390) core: 27%(540) special: 17%(331) rare: 13%(240) total: 1999 points


498 points

Baron Fargul von Finsterfels, Vampire Lord

Shield, Abyssal Terror, Glittering Scales, Sword of Strife, Healing Potion, Quick Blood, Aura of Dark Majesty
206 points

Freiherr Gregorio Schreckensmoor, Vampire

Shield, Heavy Armour, Level 2, Sword of Striking, The Other Trickster's Shard, Flying Horror
184 points

Freiherr Helmgard, Vampire

Lance, Shield, Heavy Armour, Hellsteed, Level 2
125 points

40x Zombie Horde

Standard Bearer
95 points

15x Skeleton Warriors

Shield, Light Armour, Spear, Skeleton Champion, Standard Bearer
90 points

10x Dire Wolves

Slavering Charge, Undead, Vanguard, Doom Wolf
45 points

1x Spirit Host

160 points

15x Crypt Ghouls

Poison, Crypt Ghast
286 points

6x Vargheists

Flying, Frenzy, Vampiric, Vargoyle
70 points

2x Bat Swarm

Swarm, Flyer
240 points


Death Shriek, Fly, Large Target, Regenerate (6+), Terror, Undead, Rancid Maw

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