lords: 16%(310) heroes: 13%(245) core: 30%(610) special: 26%(515) rare: 16%(310) total: 1990 points


310 points

Anointed of Asuryan

Halberd, Heavy armour, Blessing of Asuryan, Fear, Magic Resistance (2), Witness to Destiny, Trickster's Helm, Moranion's Wayshard
110 points


Dispel Scroll
135 points


Elven steed with ithilmar barding, Mage lvl 2
260 points

10x Silver Helms

Ilthmar Barding, Lance, Elven steeds, Heavy armour, Shield, High Helm, Standard Bearer, Musician
305 points

15x Phoenix Guard

Halberd, Heavy armour, Fear, Witness to Destiny, Keeper of the Flame, Musician, Standard Bearer, Wailing Banner
210 points

5x Dragon Princes of Caledor

Lance, Dragon armour, Shield, Ithilmar barding, Drakemaster, Musician, Standard Bearer, War Banner
185 points

15x Archers

Longbow, Light armour, Musician, Standard Bearer
165 points

15x Spearmen

Spear, Shield, Light armour, Sentinel, Musician, Standard Bearer
70 points

1x Repeater Bolt Thrower

Repeater Bolt Thrower
240 points

Frostheart Phoenix

Attuned to Magic, Blizzard Aura, Fly, Terror

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