lords: 17%(275) heroes: 19%(315) core: 27%(454) special: 26%(432) rare: 12%(190) total: 1666 points


275 points

Tarandil, Archmage

Mage lvl 4, Book of Hoeth
170 points

Fondriel, Mage

Mage lvl 2, Sivejir's Hex Scroll
145 points

Caranthir, Mage

Mage lvl 2, Dispel Scroll
174 points

14x Lothern Sea Guard

Bow, Spear, Light armour, Musician, Standard Bearer
130 points

12x Archers

Longbow, Standard Bearer
150 points

14x Archers

Longbow, Standard Bearer
108 points

7x Shadow Warriors

Longbow, Scouts, Nagarythe Hatred, Skirmishers, Light armour, Shadow-Walker
184 points

6x Dragon Princes of Caledor

Lance, Dragon armour, Shield, Ithilmar barding, Standard Bearer
140 points

2x Tiranoc Chariot

Spear, Longbow
140 points

2x Repeater Bolt Thrower

Repeater Bolt Thrower
50 points

1x Great Eagle

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