lords: 26%(495) heroes: 23%(425) core: 30%(595) special: 16%(294) rare: 7%(120) total: 1929 points


495 points

Erlon, Prince

Sun Dragon, Blade of Leaping Gold, Armour of Caledor
425 points

Valendiriel, Dragon Mage of Caledor

Mage lvl 2, Opal Amulet, Dispel Scroll
220 points

20x Archers

Longbow, Hawkeye, Standard Bearer
210 points

20x Archers

Longbow, Standard Bearer
165 points

15x Spearmen

Spear, Shield, Light armour, Sentinel, Musician, Standard Bearer
84 points

6x Shadow Warriors

Longbow, Scouts, Nagarythe Hatred, Skirmishers, Light armour
210 points

5x Dragon Princes of Caledor

Lance, Dragon armour, Shield, Ithilmar barding, Drakemaster, Musician, Standard Bearer, War Banner
70 points

1x Repeater Bolt Thrower

Repeater Bolt Thrower
50 points

1x Great Eagle

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