This section contains some pictures of my old Warhammer 40k space marines cardboard tanks. The warmachines you see here are all build out of paper and cardboard.
I will not publish any plans on this page, lest that Games Workshop will close my site.

Chapter Banner My complete space marines chapter is painted black and white, but it is not a Crusaders chapter. They are the Night Angles.

Cybot This is my scratch build cybot. It took me two evenings (approximatly 4 hours) to build, and another two evenings to paint it.
The whole thing is build out of paper, cardboard, a little wire and some wire mesh.
The thing is painted in my chapter colors. I think about building another one. Time will tell.

Predator Another scratch build war machine. The predator is, like the cybot above, build out of paper and carboard.

Rhino And at last the scratch build rhino. Same colors as the rest of my chapter and like the others weatherd with brown, silver and bleached bone.