For my train-less and bot-less factory I also wanted to build a train-less and bot-less mall. It took some iterations but the result is quite nice.
The cars will pick up the input material on the top of the mall and start their round trip. They will then snake throught the mall, delivering the raw materials and intermediate products to the factories.
If the output chests are not yet filled to a predetermined amount the assemblers will output to the belt that also transport the cars. The output is deposited in the storage chests at the top of the mall.

For people who are interested in the blueprints click here for the blueprint

The cars must be configured as seen in the image: Car configuration

Here are some images of the mall

Factorio car mall details Car mall overview The placement of some of the assemblers is quite tricky. I wanted to have direct insertion where possible to minimize the number of intermediate products that the cars have to transport. This is only possible in a couple of places.
Some of the assemblers need a lot of input materials and only half of the assemblers can use a smart stack inserter. The other ones only use long arm inserters.
The places for assemblers that output final products is also limited. All of this means that the cars might need to make a couple of round trips until sufficient intermediate material has been produced. This factory is not effective. The benefits are that it produces a lot of different things without the use of robots and a relatively small footprint.